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Alice in Patentland: Zimmers v. Eaton Corp.

Plaintiff Steven L. Zimmers Defendant Eaton Corporation Case 2:2015cv02398 Court Southern District of Ohio Judge Judge Algenon L. Marbley Motion Defendants’ Motion for Judgement Decision GRANTED Decision Date August 2, 2016 Background – Eaton Corp. challenged Zimmers’ U.S. Patent No. 9,015,256 stating that its claims simply recite a well-known idea of sending alert notifications to multiple

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Alice in Patentland: Enfish, LLC v. Microsoft

Plaintiff Enfish, LLC Defendant Microsoft Corp. Case 2:12-cv-07360 Judge Todd M. Hughes (United States Circuit Judge) Decision Date May 12, 2016 Background – Enfish received U.S. Patent 6,151,604 and U.S. Patent 6,163,775 in late 2000. Enfish sued Microsoft for infringement of these patents related to a “self-referential” database. On summary judgment, the district court found all

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Amazon is working on gesture based augmented reality

In the movies, we all love the fact that the actors are waving their hands and the projected screens are updated with vast amounts of data and they execute their tasks and investigations and drill down on their research using various gestures. Amazon has recently been granted a patent which identifies gestures to change the

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Your noise cancelling Headphones now know your name

One of the world’s most innovative companies Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which is practical and definitely fits the bracket of absolute necessity when it comes to the technology it has to offer. We all love music and having a headphone that helps us enjoy it takes that experience to another level.