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War of Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants

Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) can behave as a software agent that can perform tasks, provide information about anything on the globe with/without the internet connection. Intelligent personal assistant technologies are the combination of mobile devices, application programming interfaces (APIs), and the proliferation of mobile apps. IPA has the ability to access information from a variety

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Facebook can now Identify Family Members automatically

Facebook’s ambition has always been to unify people across globe and form a social connection that even Orkut from Google could not replicate. With Billions logged on to Facebook network worldwide, many believe that what we can expect next from Facebook. In a recent bid to remind all of us what we can expect, Facebook

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Internet for all: Facebook v. Google

Since its inception in the 1960s, the internet has made the world a better place by providing a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. The internet has become a pervasive and fundamental part of our daily lives. Its impact on both economic development and solving problems in areas such as health, education, basic

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Who will grab the Yahoo Patent Portfolio?

Yahoo has put up for auction over 3000 patents and expects to raise over US $1 Billion from it. Interestingly, this auction is separate from the core business of Yahoo for which Verizon and AT&T are likely to close on the biddings. That core business sales will have 500 granted patents and about 600 published

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LinkedIn now boasts an IP Fortress with Key Patent Acquisitions

With close to 400 million members logged in from over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking platform which connects professionals across various domains. Founded by Jeff Wiener in 2003, majority of the features provided by LinkedIn to its users are free. However, services such as Talent Solutions (including Hiring, Learning and Development),

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Facebook re-imagines emoji by turning us into them!

Emojis or Emoticons are getting popular day by day and we use it as a part of our conversation frequently be it on iMessage, Whatsapp or native Facebook messenger. It is such an integral part of our conversations that not using it enough is considered as rude. Apparently, Facebook is now taking this to a