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Soon you may be able to drop your Motorola phones without any fear as the screen will heal itself

When most of the smartphone companies are engaged in developing bendable screen or durable glass enclosures, it seems like Motorola is working on a screen that can repair itself. A recently published patent application reveals the power of shape memory polymers that are capable to recover large deformation/stain through thermal cycling. The patent discloses an

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Snapchat now lets you send yourself as the Emoji

Snapchat has been upping the game every now and then with their new innovations in the messaging industry. Last year, it bought Bitstrips, a company that allowed users to turn themselves into Emojis. Recently, USPTO published an interesting patent assigned to Snapchat. It discloses an automated process to create user facial avatar. There are companies

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Samsung’s latest phone might just be Foldable

Since Samsung first displayed its flexible display at CES 2013, there have been never-ending rumors that it is working on foldable smartphones as well. Earlier this year the rumor reignited when Samsung was granted a patent related to a mobile device with a flexible display. This flexible display is designed to provide various user interface

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Stopping to charge your Tesla is a thing of the past

Tesla is on a constant quest to reduce its electrical vehicle’s charging time. Tesla’s supercharging stations usually take more than an hour to fully charge one of its electric vehicles.  Not every user wants to wait for more than an hour. Considering this, Tesla has now come up with a new innovative technique to replenish

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Now relax and party while traveling inside Ford’s Driverless cars

It seems as if Ford is all geared up to protect every technology aspect that deals with autonomous vehicles. Recently, Ford protected its idea that might very well revolutionize the way we will travel in autonomous vehicles. Ford’s new design for vehicle seating looks like a round conference table or a kitchen table. In its

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STARBUCKS – Patents, Technology and Market Analysis

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IBM – Truly a Patent Leader

IBM – a word synonymous with innovation and patent leadership, has always been a front-runner when it comes to patents issued year-on-year. For the past 24 years it has lead the way in terms of patent filings in the United States and is usually a distant first from other innovating companies. What’s even more amazing

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Amazon patents a drone capable of in-flight adjustments to achieve efficacy

It’s no news that Amazon is heavily vested in drone deliveries. Several trials already happened in Britain and US only confirms this focus. Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which allows drones to be efficient. A U.S. Patent No. 9,676,477 titled ‘Adjustable unmanned aerial vehicles’, describes how to play around with the rotor