62 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was touted as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. It basically is a crypto-currency which uses peer-to-peer technology to provide payment network gateway.  Bitcoin is deliberately designed for public use by making it an open-source. Therefore, nobody owns or governs or control Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of it. The team behind BitcoinPlay,

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Apple Watches may soon come with self-adjusting bands

Apple’s futuristic technology is not only limited to a design perspective but they are also working to provide its users greater comfort as well. One of the biggest problems with the Apple Watch was its form factor. With its latest patent, it is quite evident that Apple watches may soon have dynamically adjustable wristbands and

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ may have an in-display fingerprint scanner

Suddenly, everyone is rushing into the bezel less all screen smartphone market. This is pretty much the same way everyone started providing fingerprint sensors with the launch of Apple iPhone 5s. Several phone brands have opted for fingerprint sensors on the backside of their phones, however, others like it on the front side. The most

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Apple may soon make 24-karat Gold plated iPhones

With the launch of the new iPhones, Apple was able to sell their idea of an all glass enclosure even when people across the globe had grave doubts about its feasibility. Recently, Apple has patented a unique way to coat its smartphone enclosure with 18-karat gold. As costly as it may sound, several other phone

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Disney can help you ride with Spider-man

Even after dominating our hearts for decades, Disney has never faltered in finding out ways of providing better and newer experiences to us. If you have ever wished to hang on to Spiderman while he is zipping across the New York skyline or Tarzan while he is swinging from one tree to the other, Disney

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Soon you may be able to drop your Motorola phones without any fear as the screen will heal itself

When most of the smartphone companies are engaged in developing bendable screen or durable glass enclosures, it seems like Motorola is working on a screen that can repair itself. A recently published patent application reveals the power of shape memory polymers that are capable to recover large deformation/stain through thermal cycling. The patent discloses an

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Snapchat now lets you send yourself as the Emoji

Snapchat has been upping the game every now and then with their new innovations in the messaging industry. Last year, it bought Bitstrips, a company that allowed users to turn themselves into Emojis. Recently, USPTO published an interesting patent assigned to Snapchat. It discloses an automated process to create user facial avatar. There are companies

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Samsung’s latest phone might just be Foldable

Since Samsung first displayed its flexible display at CES 2013, there have been never-ending rumors that it is working on foldable smartphones as well. Earlier this year the rumor reignited when Samsung was granted a patent related to a mobile device with a flexible display. This flexible display is designed to provide various user interface