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Can Driverless cars really go driverless? – Technology Landscape

This article categorizes and graphically analyzes research trends around the mechanisms, and new innovation in Driverless Car technologies from various perspectives and highlights the key companies involved. It is of no surprise that the deaths occurring by traffic accidents is on the rise every year. Evidently, there are several companies who have been working aggressively

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2016 – YEAR IN REVIEW – Internet of Things (IoT)

Every one of you at one point of time have heard the phrase “Internet of Things” or IoT but most of you also stay perplexed from the thought of what exactly IoT is. The IoT is a term that basically equates to several devices (all devices that can be imagined from computers and smartphones to

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Ford introduces a new companion of the self-driving cars – Drones

Driverless cars is the latest rage and a lot of research is happening in the field of self-driving cars and related to its security and increasing its capabilities. The most primary concern has always been safety of the car. Ford has also invested millions in its R&D to compete with players such as Tesla, Google

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Google’s self-driven cars now safer by detecting school buses

Couple of week’s back we covered, how Google is heavily involved in research and development of self-driven cars. A new patent granted last week takes safety aspect into consideration for autonomous cars. The U.S. Patent No. 9,373,045 titled ‘Bus detection for an autonomous vehicle’, describes how autonomous cars will be able to assess the road

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Self-Driving Car Battle heats up as Ford enters the arena

We have already covered patents on self-driven auto-pilot mode in the past weeks with couple of patents from Google. Self-driving car’s battle is heating up and now as per the latest patent, it seems that Ford is entering with a bang. The U.S. Patent No. 9,340,126 titled ‘Autonomous vehicle with re-configurable seats’, describes how passengers

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Auto Pilot in Cars: Soon to be a reality

Google is heavily invested in the idea of self-driven cars and is backing it up by an aggressive set of patents filed every week. The latest in the list of granted patents is U.S. Patent No. 9,352,752 tiled ‘Engaging and disengaging for autonomous driving’, which describes how a driver can switch to a self-driven mode

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Google aims to mitigate pedestrian accidents by patenting an adhesive layer on self-driving cars

Google’s self-driven cars is a big deal and company is keen on working on several features that can result in mitigating the problems that come with driverless cars. The biggest concerning issue is pedestrians and their safety. The inventors Alex Khaykin and Daniel Lynn Larner have come up with a solution to avoid multiple impacts after a