Federal Holidays

Date Holiday Name
Jan-01 New Year’s Day
Jan-02 New Year’s Day observed
Jan-16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Date Holiday Name
Jan-13 Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Jan-28 Chinese New Year
Jan-29 Kansas Day

IP Facts

Date Events
January 2, 1879 Auguste Bartholdi filed a design patent on Statue of Liberty (Design for a statue (USD11023S)
January 2, 1906 Willis Carrier receives a US patent for the world’s first air conditioner
January 3, 1872 1st patent list issued by US Patent Office
January 6, 1857 Patent for reducing zinc ore granted to Samuel Wetherill, Penn
January 6, 1931 Thomas Edison submits his last patent application
January 6, 1958 Gen Electric filed a patent on method of synthetically making diamonds
January 8, 1889 Dr Herman Hollerith receives 1st US patent for a mechanical tabulating machine
January 9, 1986 After losing a patent battle with Polaroid, Kodak must give up its instant camera business.
January 12, 1970 Steve T. McQueen filed a design patent on driving seat Bucket seat shell (USD219813S)
January 13, 1630 Letters Patent issued to Plymouth Colony
January 15, 1861 Steam elevator patented by Elisha Otis, an American industrialist and founder of the Otis Elevator Company,
January 15, 1991 Elizabeth II signs letters patent that allows Australia to institute its own Victoria Cross, the first Commonwealth realm to do so
January 17, 1911 Nikola Tesla filed a patent on Turbine
January 18, 1915 Crescent Tool Company filed a patent on a Wrench (US1133236A)
January 19, 1825 Ezra Daggett & nephew Thomas Kensett patent food storage in tin cans
January 23, 1849 Patent granted for an envelope-making machine
January 25, 1799 1st US patent for a seeding machine, Eliakim Spooner, Vermont

IP Conferences

Dates Conference
January 11 – 13 9th Global IP Convention, New Delhi, India
January 16 – 17 IIPLA 3rd Dubai IP Congress 2017
January 25 – 26 Oil & Gas IP Summit, London, UK
January 30 LES Israel Seminar “Rights in Software”, Petah Tikva, Israel
January 23 – 25 18th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit,  San Francisco, CA
January 29 – February 1 ACPC Winter Meeting, Orlando FL