Federal Holidays

Date Holiday Name
Jul-04 Independence Day


Date Holiday Name
Jul-23 Parents’ Day
Jul-27 National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

IP Facts

Date Events
July 8, 1862 Theodore R Timby is granted a US patent for discharging guns in a revolving turret, using electricity.
July 11, 1892 US Patent Office says J W Swan, rather than Thomas Edison, invented the electric light carbon for the incandescent lamp
July 13, 1836 US patent #1 (after 9,957 unnumbered patents), for locomotive wheels
July 14, 1868 Alvin J. Fellows filed a patent on Measuring Tape (US79965A)
July 14, 1914 1st patent for liquid-fuelled rocket design granted (Robert Goddard)
July 14, 1967 Lifeguard Watch filed a patent on Cardiac pulse-rate monitor (US3473526A)
July 23, 1888 John Boyd Dunlop applies to patent pneumatic tire
July 25, 1854 Walter Hunt is awarded the first U.S. patent for a paper shirt collar
July 31, 1790 1st US patent granted, to Samuel Hopkins for a potash process. The patent was signed by President George Washington.

IP Conferences

Dates Conference
June 28 – July 1 ECTA 36th Annual Conference, Budapest, Hungary
July 17 – 21 LES University, Chicago, IL
July 19 – 20 14th Patents for Financial Services Summit, New York, NY