Federal Holidays

No Federal Holidays in this month


Date Holiday Name
Mar-01 St. David’s Day
Mar-02 Read Across America Day
Mar-03 Employee Appreciation Day
Mar-12 Daylight Saving Time starts
Mar-17 St. Patrick’s Day

IP Facts

Date Events
March 2, 1929 Congress creates Court of Customs & Patent Appeals
March 6, 1646 Joseph Jenkes, MA, receives 1st colonial machine patent
March 9, 1822 Charles Graham of NY granted first US patent for artificial teeth
March 10, 1849 Abraham Lincoln applies for a patent (only US president to do so) for a device to lift a boat over shoals and obstructions
March 11, 1791 Samuel Mulliken is 1st to obtain more than one US patent
March 12, 1903 Robert A Douglass filed a patent on car wiper (Locomotive-cab-window cleaner (US762889 A)
March 14, 1644 England grants patent for Providence Plantations (now Rhode Island)
March 17, 1868 Postage stamp cancelling machine patent issued
March 17, 1928 John Hays Hammond Jr. filed a patent on secret radio communication (US1838762 A)
March 22, 1960 1st patent for lasers granted to Arthur Schawlow & Charles Townes
March 23, 1903 Wright brothers obtain airplane patent
March 25, 1584 Sir Walter Raleigh renews Humphrey Gilbert’s patent to explore North America
March 26, 1845 Patent awarded for adhesive medicated plaster, precursor of Band-Aid
March 28, 1950 Emi Ltd filed a patent on Remote control for television camera (US2716152A)

IP Conferences

Dates Conference
March 1 – 3 PTAB Bar Association Inaugural Conference , Washington, D.C
March 1 – 3 6th Annual Pharma IPR Conference 2017,Mumbai , India
March 2 – 3 AIPLA Trade Secret Law Summit , Atlanta, GA
March 3 IPBC Southeast Asia 2017,  Singapore
March 5 – 6 International Conference on Patents and Intellectual Rights, Rome, Italy
March 6 – 8 Global IP Exchange, Estrel Berlin
March 12 – 15 AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting, Florida USA
March 13 – 14 PTMG Spring Meeting, Paris, Frace
March 15 33rd Global IP ConfEx, London
March 18 – 19 5th Asia Pacific IP Forum, Japan
March 21 – 22 The 9th Annual Corporate IP Counsel, New York
March 27 – 28 Nordic IPR – Copenhagen, Denmark
March 25 – 30 FICPI Executive Committee Meeting, Hangzhou, China