Federal Holidays

Date Holiday Name
May-29 Memorial Day


Date Holiday Name
May-01 Law Day
May-01 Loyalty Day
May-04 National Day of Prayer
May-05 Cinco de Mayo
May-06 National Nurses Day
May-06 National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
May-14 Mother’s Day
May-15 Peace Officers Memorial Day
May-19 National Defense Transportation Day
May-20 Armed Forces Day
May-22 National Maritime Day
May-24 Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
May-25 National Missing Children’s Day

IP Facts

Date Events
May 1, 2008 The London Agreement on translation of European patents, concluded in 2000, enters into force in 14 of the 34 Contracting States to the European Patent Convention.
May 5, 1809 Mary Kies is 1st woman issued a US patent (weaving straw)
May 6, 1851 Patent on the first artificial ice production machine was filed
May 6, 1885 Nikola Tesla filed his first patent for Commutator for Dynamo Electric Machines
May 8, 1879 George Selden files for 1st patent for a gasoline-driven automobile
May 11, 1917 King George V grants Royal Letters Patent to New Zealand
May 11, 1928 Farmer Clyde filed a patent on Fluid compressor (US1754231A)
May 11, 1951 American engineer Jay Forrester applies for patent for computer core memory
May 14, 1878 Vaseline is granted a patent (U.S. Patent 127,568)
May 17, 1803 John Hawkins & Richard French patent the Reaping Machine
May 17, 1934 Zippo Mfg. Co filed a patent on Pocket lighter (US2032695A)
May 19, 1891 William Paixter filed a patent on Bottle-sealing device
May 20, 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent the first blue jeans with copper rivets
May 20, 1875 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent the first blue jeans with copper rivets
May 22, 1849 Abraham Lincoln receives a patent (only US president to do so) for a device to lift a boat over shoals and obstructions
May 22, 1906 Wright Brothers patent an aeroplane
May 25, 1911 Samuel Adler filed a patent on
May 26, 1946 Patent filed in US for H-Bomb
May 27, 1982 “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes…” opens at Alvin NYC for 5 performances
May 29, 1919 Charles Strite files patent for the pop-up toaster
May 30, 1933 Patent on invisible glass installation
May 30, 1982 “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes…” closes at Alvin NYC after 5 perf
May 31, 1895 John Harvey Kellogg filed for a patent on Flaked cereals (Flaked Cereals and Process of Preparing Same)

IP Conferences

Dates Conference
May 4 IP in the Auto Industry, Detroit, MI
May 9 – 11 LES 2017 Spring Meeting, Washington, DC
May 9 – 12 Seventh LES Asia-Pacific Annual Conference 2017, Melbourne, Australia
May 10 – 11 Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Forum, Philadelphia, PA
May 10 – 12 IP Counsel Cafe 2017, Palo Alto, CA
May 16 – 17 C5’s Pharmaceutical Patent Term Extensions, Munich
May 17 – 19 AIPLA Spring Meeting, San Diego, CA
May 17 – 19 IACC 2017 Annual Spring Conference, Barcelona, Spain
May 18 2017 European Practice Committee Conference, Paris, France
May 20 – 24 INTA Annual Meeting 2017, Barcelona, Spain
May 20 – 25 PIUG 2017 Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA