Remove IP Ignorance

Ignorance is not Bliss..

According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), IP theft totals 300 billion dollars annually. Not only is the number staggering, but it also shows that a key link in the IP awareness chain is broken.

Each year, American universities are sending thousands of newly minted M.S. and Ph.D. scientists and engineers into the workforce, many of whom have received little or no instruction regarding the nature of the IP system and their role in it. Given the importance of intellectual property in the national and global economy, there’s no excuse for not giving more emphasis on its awareness.

We need to do a better job at preparing ourselves to be productive citizens of the innovation economy, and that includes giving more attention to IP education. At Citius Minds, we have recognized the fact that everyone should receive instruction on the nature, purpose, and protection of IP. This doesn’t mean turning them into patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret specialists. But it does mean ensuring that each of them receives at least a modest amount of training regarding their IP rights and obligations.

We started our “Remove IP Ignorance” initiative last year with the aim of spreading IP knowledge to as many people as we can. We conducted several educational seminars across the globe, used Social media platforms to enlighten people, shared several articles highlighting the need of IP awareness and recently launched IPRefresh, an IP news aggregator website which provides the latest IP updates to readers.

We need your support in our initiative. We request you to share your views about the ‘Importance of IP’ with others who may be ignorant.