The research is carried out to identify potential companies and their products which are infringing on the patented invention.

Our team of experts work towards identifying substantial evidence and come up with detailed claim charts. We make sure that we exhaust all avenues of information such as white papers, product data sheets, product’s press releases, video tutorials etc. to come up with a comprehensive infringement theory.

Our unique approach to conduct an infringement landscape for a client helps them identify and prioritize on potential infringing companies and move ahead with filing an infringement lawsuit. We also offer specialized services for plaintiffs wherein we help them in drafting detailed infringement contentions.

What they provided was unparalleled. We couldn’t have asked for more. After reviewing their report, we instantly knew which companies to sue and which ones to pursue for licensing. All the evidence we needed to support our contentions was already in the charts.

IP Head – A satellite-based television service provider


A satellite-based television service providing company, headquartered in California, wanted to identify potential infringers for their recently granted US patent. The client desired to have a full understanding of the market and wanted to identify the major players in the related domain and potential infringers who might be infringing on their patent. The client asked us to prepare infringement claim charts against the products of the potentially infringing companies.


Citius Minds’ analysis team extensively analyzed the patent of the client. The infringement analysis was conducted in four phases. In the first phase, the team researched the technology field thoroughly to gain an in-depth understanding of the domain. In the second phase, the team performed an initial market research to identify the big players in the ‘satellite-based television service’ providers. The market research involved researching annual reports, sales figures, product information, etc. The third phase involved screening and the detailed analysis of the potential infringing products which involved reviewing manuals, online articles, other publically available information and reverse engineering as well. All the identified evidence was analyzed and a list of potential infringers was prepared. In the final phase, the team prepared infringement claim charts against the identified products. The claim charts depicted ‘element wise’ mapping of the potentially infringing products with the client’s patent claims. The team didn’t just give technical analysis, but also included the relative sales volume estimate of the products of the potentially infringing companies to help the clients make a quick decision on how to move forward.


Our claim charts enabled the client to identify the potential infringers for their patent. The color-coded claim charts helped the client to easily understand the similarities between the claims and the potentially infringing products. The sales figures provided in the report helped them finalize which defendants to pursue for litigation and which ones for licensing. The evidence provided in the claim charts against the products helped the client in preparing the infringement contentions and filing an infringement lawsuit against the potentially infringing companies.

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