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Facebook re-imagines emoji by turning us into them!

Emojis or Emoticons are getting popular day by day and we use it as a part of our conversation frequently be it on iMessage, Whatsapp or native Facebook messenger. It is such an integral part of our conversations that not using it enough is considered as rude. Apparently, Facebook is now taking this to a whole new level where we can be our own emoji. The U.S. Patent No. 9,331,970 titled ‘Replacing typed emoticon with user photo’, describes a facial recognition technology in which Facebook sorts through our tagged photos to find faces that best match the emoji we meant to use. For example, if typing 🙂 leads to the ? emoji, it may instead replace that with a photo of us smiling.


However, Facebook is not the first company to develop customized emojis. A start-up by the name Slack allows users to upload an image that can be turned into an emoji. Anyways, we all know Facebook’s ultimate goal is to personalize and connect people worldwide and this might be just another step towards staying true to its ultimate goal.


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  1. Nice to hear about such inventions. Technology has a really changed how we interact with people. The ‘We’ in our interaction is lost to the text messages and emojis. Facebook here may have revived the ‘We’ by giving our expressions our own face. Very thoughtful.

  2. Facebook is working hard to ensure they never run out of innovations, because if they do, they will end up loosing the edge they have over the other social networking platforms.

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