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How brilliant will an iPhone with Wrap-around display be?

We all love iPhones. Right from the design to the iOS – the simplicity, the near perfection marriage of software and hardware that brings out an experience far superior than any android phone. Year after year iPhones introduces some landmark features. Fandroids will always argue that Apple is late in bringing features to the iPhones and that Android flagships already boasts those features. Apple’s philosophy has always been different. They want to do justice to what they introduce and not just hurriedly rush into launches. We always wonder what Apple will bring next that would surprise us, amaze us. One of the answer can be found out based on the latest patent granted. How amazing an iPhone will look if it has a wrap-around display and what all additional utility it will bring to further enhance user experience? The U.S. Patent No. 9,367,095 titled ‘Electronic device with wrap around display’, describes a transparent housing with a flexible display which is equipped to display visual content at any part of the transparent housing.


From one of the figures of the patent, it seems that the curved wrap-around display will have more area to display additional icons. And all of this achieved by not increasing the size of the device. The flexible display adds an advantage of folding the display in any shape and be able to view a continued image display.

For two years now, Samsung Galaxy Edge has been an amazing hit with the android fans and to an extent we agree that the curved edges do create a room for added features and functionality. Seeing this patent from Apple indicates taking the curved edges to a whole new level with amazing added functionality beckoning the iOS horizon.

We do hope to see an iPhone 7s if not iPhone 7 with such an amazing wrap-around display.


  1. I was planning to get iPhone 7 but now I will wait to have this new version. The feature is very unique and I think today’s generation will love it!

  2. What a great idea of wrap around display, the iPhones will look much more cooler than before. Definitely Samsung will copy this too.

  3. I really don’t like the idea of a complete glass body. I have already dropped and broken two of my iPhones in the past. Good article though.

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