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Now order power for your vehicle from Amazon

Amazon has been talking about drones for years and have been constantly working towards achieving its dream of delivery by drones. However, there are still a few drawbacks that are hurting its intention and Amazon is eager to overcome those drawbacks to improve the operational perspective of drones.

In yet another patent, Amazon has disclosed a new application area where drones can be very helpful. Its newest patent explains an innovative method of delivering power to a vehicle on the move. So, you might soon see a drone flying power stations that provide energy to your vehicle at a deserted rendezvous location.

According to the filing, a vehicle will send an energy request to the central server when the vehicle has insufficient energy to run to the intended destination. In response to which, the central server sends out a UAV with some power source to service the vehicle. After levels of vehicle authentication, UAV docks with the vehicle and provide power to the vehicle in motion.

The patent also discloses a method of docking a UAV with the vehicle. The UAV connector communicates and couples with the vehicle’s docking mechanism to provide electrical contact and fuel transfer connector. Further, UAV can also generate environmental data such as tree, object, building or any hazard.

Day by day, Electrical vehicles are gaining in numbers and more and more people are either buying or planning on buying an EV. However, the companies that manufacture EVs are still struggling to provide adequate power their engines. Most of the companies, especially Tesla, are focusing on reducing the charging time of electric vehicles at power stations while Amazon’s drone envisions to provide power to your vehicle when in need and also without waiting at power stations. Another such invention was disclosed in another of our articles where Tesla had introduced a system to replace a battery pack with a fully charged one for its vehicles. The future definitely looks bright for the Electric Vehicles.

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