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Telematics – Changing the dynamics of road surveillance

Telematics, in particular, the road surveillance of vehicles is assuming a dominant stand in the world of vehicle data reading and tracking. This changing pattern of increased importance to telematics instead of traditional road monitoring is critical for the growth of this industry and the subsequent success of the market leaders.

With the increase in road accidents year on year, it has become absolutely necessary to take measures to curb them and use as much data monitoring as possible to increase safety. According to a website, road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person. This figure is ridiculously alarming and the subsequent sections of this report will elaborate more on the fact that why companies are investing in road surveillance, driver behavior understanding and telematics related to it.

Automobile companies are heavily investing in the R&D for vehicle telematics. Using our deep dive analysis on approximately seven and a half thousand patents in this field, we have identified General Motors as the leader in terms of issued patents and published patent applications. We have also identified Nissan Motors and Ford Motors also having a substantial share of patents related to this field. The highlight of their portfolio related to this field is that they have a high average patent strength and high average life time as analyzed by our experts. From our in depth analysis of the shortlisted 1582 key patents related to this field, we have identified that the maximum IP generation activity has occurred in technologies related to Vehicle location and speed related data. General Motors has the highest number of filings with 80 patents/patent applications filed worldwide.

What’s Inside?

The overall landscape:

The report examines technology companies that are creating a paradigm shift in the way road safety is implemented. Enhancing safety and ultimately reducing accidents by the use of telematics technology and reducing its infrastructure costs.

Patents from key companies

General Motors, Ford and Nissan stand out amongst the competition when it comes to patent filing related to vehicle telematics. Interestingly, Google is emerging as one of an aggressive patent filing player for its driverless cars.

Increased usage in Smartphone Applications

We also cover three of the most popular products related to telematics. The bundled services from Ford for fleet management of its commercial vehicles, the most awarded app from Cambridge mobile telematics and Uber’s all new update on Driver’s app which reflects braking pattern, safety instructions etc.

Technology Classifications for Vehicle Telematics.


Download the complete report to find out how the shift in trend of vehicles towards computer-based control systems over the last 15 years has led to vehicle telematics (combination of Telecommunication and Information Technology) playing a critical role in the automobile industry.


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