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Your noise cancelling Headphones now know your name

One of the world’s most innovative companies Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which is practical and definitely fits the bracket of absolute necessity when it comes to the technology it has to offer. We all love music and having a headphone that helps us enjoy it takes that experience to another level. Markets are being flooded with best noise cancellation headphones but what they lack is the fact that the person turns deaf to the outside world completely. From the perspective of enjoying the music it may be ideal but on certain situations it can be problematic. Now Amazon has come up with a U.S. Patent No. 9,398,367 titled ‘Suspending noise cancellation using keyword spotting’, which describes  how smartly the headphones are able to understand important phrases (like ‘Hi Samantha’) and then turns off the headphones sound to help the user hear the rest of the conversation.


Likewise, it is able to turn back the music on once it realizes that the conversation is over or the critical aspect of that conversation is over and the user can get back to enjoy music. If Amazon do come around with an actual product in near future, it can really give market leaders a run for their money and may even open potential licensing avenues for them


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  2. A great and unique idea by Amazon, it will help the users in listening to their names and respond to the important conversations rather than ignoring them completely.

  3. I am crazy about headphones and I have my own small collection. Would love to add this new noise cancelling headphones too. Now even my mom will love it as she keeps on calling my name and I don’t listen to her. I am eagerly waiting for this to come to the market.

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