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2 new patents granted related to Precision Medicines

Medicine is a substance or composition that is used for treating diseases. There is a difference between medicine and drug. Drug is any chemical compound which is synthesized in a laboratory or plant/animal which brings about a change in the normal psychological functions of the body. We can say that all medicines are drugs but all drugs are not medicines as the doses of the medicine play a crucial role. In pharmacy, a drug can also be called as a medicine that is used for bringing or sustaining wellbeing of a person either by curing or preventing the diseases.

Healthcare has changed drastically since the decline in mortality which is caused by infectious diseases as well as contagious or non-contagious diseases. Precision Medicine is the new way of thinking about medicine. Precision medicine (also known as personalized medicine) is based on the basic working principle like a particular disease gives rise to different symptoms in different individuals based on their genetic structure, lifestyle and the environmental conditions. For example two person of different ethnicity having the same disease may not respond in the same way to a drug treatment. The precision medicine initially was developed in the field of oncology, however, now it is emerging in other fields like in immunotherapy, respiratory disorders and infections.


The ‘University of Malaga’ has filed a new patent application no. WO2019077191A1 titled “Precision medicine for the diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of colorectal cancer”. It discloses the use of precision medicines in the in the field of molecular biology, biomedicines and proctology used for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer. Also, a recently published patent application no. WO2019074954A1titled“Selection biomarkers for patient stratification in bodily fluids and applying precision medicine through novel diagnostic biomarkers” discloses the methods and devices used for the treatment and diagnosis/ prevention of various diseases in females through application of precision medicine. According to this patent, these methods and devices enables the physicians and healthcare providers to apply precision medicines to therapeutic use, treatment and prevention of disease.

The method for evaluation of disease comprises; a) Obtaining a sample of female menstrual fluid. b) Measuring or diagnosing the presence/absence of one or more disease or biomarkers related to health in the sample. c) Repeating it with subsequent menstrual fluid. The level of biomarkers in the menstrual fluid and the lifestyle of individual patient are evaluated by the health provider after which they can prescribe the precision medicine to each individual patient.

According to one embodiment of the patent, after analysis, the precision medicine can be applied by using 1, 2. . . . . . .50 or more combined biomarkers per female for early detection as well as treatment of the disease precisely.

In another embodiment, the precision medicine is applied by using the female biology and detection protein modification the menstrual fluid sample using LC-MS/MS peptide. The diagnosis of disease in patient is confirmed when the presence of a set number of modification event in the menstrual sample are detected.

From this new patent application which has been published recently, it can be concluded that by measuring the level of glycation of the hemoglobin subunit alpha in the sample, the female subject can be assigned to a particular disease. The precision medicine or personalized medicine is far more effective than other types of treatments as it attacks the tumors which are based on each person’s specific genes and proteins.

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