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HUAWEI to bring Cine lens on their smartphones

Huawei filed a trademark application for Cine-lens with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) to bring cinematic video recording capability on their smartphones, most likely with their upcoming flagship smartphone Mate 30 Pro. Application no – “018096131” is the application that Huawei has filed in the EUIPO, that has made people speculate that Huawei might bring the Cine lens on their products.

Source: High Tech News

Cine lens or cinema lens is not a normal photo lens; these lenses are made for video recording/cinematic video recording. It is optimized for recording continuous motion and capable of increasing the video quality.

LEICA is one of the companies which has Cine lens in their arsenal and in 2016, they had established a partnership with the Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei. Leica and Huawei will co-engineer Huawei smartphones, including the P and Mate Series. The first smartphone that they have co-engineered is the Huawei P9 in 2016. So there is a possibility that they do this again with the Mate 30 Pro as well.

(Source: Phonearena)

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