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3 Ways People Use Voice Search Technology In 2018

Voice search technology involves speech recognition software coupled together with artificial intelligence that can interpret human sentences and put them into context to return logical and useful answers.

We already live in a world where this technology is becoming commonplace. There are loads of useful devices powered by it that can enhance our lives. It is permeating our daily lives and changes the ways we listen to music, browse the internet and much more. If the trend continues to grow – and all data available indicates that it is going to do just that – the way we design websites and optimize them for search engines will also change.

Nobody, not even the SEO experts can predict exactly what the best practices will become and what the global network will look like.

This article and the infographic below look at voice search technology and how it is being used in society today.

Assistants Making Life Easier

Some of you own a home assistant such as the popular Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant. These devices are also sometimes known as smart speakers. In the last few years, home assistants have become popular and statistics show that a high percentage of the world’s population will own at least one in the next 5 years.

Home assistants use voice search technology. You effectively speak to device and ask it a range of questions. They can be used to plan appointments, make reminders, and generally make your home life easier.

Finding Anything From Recipes To The Weather

Voice search technology is also widely used in smartphones as a type of enhanced search function. For example, Samsung smartphones have Bixby while iPhones have Siri. Users can speak into their smartphones using these programs and search the web for practically anything.

Typical search queries include finding the info about weather, looking for food recipes, finding sporting results, etc.

Personal DJs To Choose Playlists And Mood Setters

Many voice search enabled devices have built-in audio playing capabilities too, and you can use them to play music in the same manner as an MP3 player. A smart speaker, for example, can basically act as a personal DJ since you can ask it to play songs and even create personalized playlists.

These are just a few of the ways in which voice search technology is being used. You can find out a host of other fats and usages in the Seotrubunal infographic below.

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