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Citius Minds Announces Platinum Sponsorship of World IP Forum 2018

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – August 13, 2018

Citius Minds Consulting LLP, since its inception in 2014, has grown rapidly to become a premier Patent Analytics and Litigation Consulting Powerhouse. Whether it be their IP Calendar (Yearly Calendar with important Conferences and Fun facts related to Intellectual Property) or the launch of IPRefresh, an initiative to spread awareness about Intellectual Property and its enforcement, Citius Minds has been innovating their way through such a competitive Patent Consulting market.

Citius Minds today announced that they will be a Platinum sponsor of World IP Forum conference ( The conference will be held November 14-16, 2018 at Hotel Pullman in New Delhi, Aerocity. The theme for the conference is ‘Global Innovation 2020: A Strategic Vision for Economic Growth’. This three-day conference will focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property and its syncing with business objectives.

“Last time, we attended the conference in Dubai to meet professionals from across the globe with a common goal of harnessing the power of IP”, said Jay Sharma, Client Engagement Manager at Citius Minds. “We are excited to be at World IP Forum again to meet new people and ponder collectively how to benefit the economic growth with the help of Intellectual property.”

“Businesses, both big and small, are taking up IP seriously and that’s how it should be,” said Michelle Brown – Marketing Manager at Citius Minds. “Our main focus is always to nurture IP and spread awareness about it to as many people as possible. Innovation needs to be encouraged, rewarded and incentivised equally if they are to survive. Conferences such as these are important in that respect.”


About WIPF:

The World Intellectual Property Forum conference is a Global IP event highlighting emerging developments in the worldwide IP Market. WIPF is known for organizing Global IP events on Intellectual Property. The main objective of the conference is to unite all the IP experts under one roof so that they can spread knowledge and share blossoming ideas for future inception. This platform mainly focuses on knowledge sharing and Intellectual Property Awareness.

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About Citius Minds:

Citius Minds is a leading technology consulting firm supporting clients in advanced patent analytics and end to end patent litigation services. Citius Minds’ founding members have more than three decades of experience supporting the world’s leading companies and law firms with their IP management needs.

Offering unparalleled technical consulting across a comprehensive range of patent analytics services, Citius Minds has earned exceptional credentials over the past four years. Their clients include some of the Fortune 100 companies, and several market leaders in the technology space. They are considered Prior art search specialists and have helped several of their clients defend big litigations.

Their service offerings include Invalidity Search, Patentability Search, Freedom to Operate Search, Infringement (Rule 11) Charting, Landscape Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, IPR Response Drafting, Invalidity Contentions, and Infringement Contentions.

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Media Contact:

Jay Sharma

Client Engagement Manager

Citius Minds Consulting LLP.


[email protected]

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