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Apple believes it time for the iPad Covers to be Smart

Apple has been talking about iPad Smart Covers for years. The original iPad Cover worked as it was supposed to but did not allow users to work on their iPads until it was folded backwards. The users were not even able to get notifications or updates without flipping the cover. Now, Apple is working on making an iPad cover which is smart and interactive.

Apple has recently filed a Patent Application titled “Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device” which discloses about the Smart iPad Cover that includes a transparent window to have a portion of display screen visible. The basic design remains unchanged with the tri-fold form factor.

The new cover will alert the user of an event or change in status/notification on the tablet even when the screen is covered. In some embodiments, Apple explains that the accessory device has Electroluminescent (EL) panels which is used to alert a user concerning about the status of a certain event or application.

It also discloses a transparent window having multiple display icons, such as email icon, phone icon or calendar icon, which relates directly to an application associated with that particular icon. Illumination element, such as LED, disposed on segment providing an alternative arrangement capable of presenting different patterns, such as any word can also be spelled out, on the Smart Cover.

Although, it is speculated that the Apple community will appreciate this cover and its functionality, the anti-Apple community may find it very similar to the Samsung covers already available in the market.

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