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The new Apple Watch may have a Circular Dial

Apple, a name among the top global companies, has always amazed us with its innovations and its products are preferred by most of the people. Featuring more and more innovations in the products has always been enticing to its followers.

Apple watch is one of those products that hasn’t seen much innovation since its launch in September of 2014; the design of the Apple Watch has hardly changed and is still available only in rectangular shape which according to most is not what a watch should look like. Considering the aesthetic and design perspectives, Apple could show something different, something very different, a circular Apple watch. For those Apple fans yearning for the circular design, Apple has hinted towards some round design alternatives in its recent granted patent.

The Patent US 9,965,995 B2 entitled “Electronic Device Having Display With Curved Edges” prompts the speculation of company’s interest in the circular design. The patent specifically relates to the challenges of pixel arrays for displays with curved edges. The pixel array used for display often has rectangular shape. These rectangular shaped arrays are less efficient when fitted into circular display. These circular displays can have bottleneck regions in which signal lines become crowded, leading to inefficient use of display area. The patent describes the circuitry arrangement of the pixel arrays and gate lines and how information would be displayed and presented on such a device circuitry.

The application of this patent is not exactly confined to wrist-watches only. Apple could also be looking at using the patent for other wearable devices, such as glasses or headphones or other electronic devices as covered in the patent. A circular design smart watch by Apple would definitely we welcomed by the tech community that always wanted a round watch from Apple. Well the product is yet to come into the real world and no one can predict its actual implementation, other than Apple itself.

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