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Apple Watches may soon come with self-adjusting bands

Apple’s futuristic technology is not only limited to a design perspective but they are also working to provide its users greater comfort as well. One of the biggest problems with the Apple Watch was its form factor. With its latest patent, it is quite evident that Apple watches may soon have dynamically adjustable wristbands and hence be more comfortable for the users.

The patent titled – “Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices” discloses a wearable electronic device with a tensioner that controls the actuator to tighten or loosen the band of the wearable electronic device. With such a system, a user can manually adjust the fit of the band and also, receive biometric data that commands the tensioner to automatically adjust the tightness or looseness of the band.

Apple also explains different embodiments for the implementation of smartwatch band. In one of its example, it discusses that the band would be made up of shape memory wire such as Nitinol that increases or decreases the tightness of the band with an electrical signal. In another embodiment, it also discloses fluid-filled bladders that increase or decrease the pressure of the bladders to increase or decrease the tightness of the band.

This might be a novel step towards providing a perfect fit for a smartwatch band where earlier conventional means have failed to offer the right comfort corresponding to the different operational modes like – time mode, exercise mode, sleeping mode etc.

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