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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ may have an in-display fingerprint scanner

Suddenly, everyone is rushing into the bezel less all screen smartphone market. This is pretty much the same way everyone started providing fingerprint sensors with the launch of Apple iPhone 5s. Several phone brands have opted for fingerprint sensors on the backside of their phones, however, others like it on the front side. The most prominent among this group of smartphone makers are Apple and Samsung. Currently, Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+ offers fingerprint scanner at the back which makes awkward to find the scanner with a finger that tends to smudge the back camera. Where Apple has launched FaceID with iPhone X, Samsung had left everyone guessing about its take on this issue until now.

Samsung’s has recently filed a patent application related to a fingerprint reader with pressure sensitive sensor under the display. This technology was filed in March and published this month in South Korea and speculations are being made that Samsung Galaxy S9 will debut this under-the-display fingerprint reader/scanner.

The patent application also discloses the problem objective of placing a sensor for its sub-optimal use. This feature aims at providing a fair distinction between normal screen taps and the specific fingerprint scan action.

Samsung is working hard on its design implementation and it would be interesting to see how the end product takes its final shape. However, the question is still there – Will Samsung Galaxy S9 have a under-the-screen fingerprint scanner?

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