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Auto Pilot in Cars: Soon to be a reality

Google is heavily invested in the idea of self-driven cars and is backing it up by an aggressive set of patents filed every week. The latest in the list of granted patents is U.S. Patent No. 9,352,752 tiled ‘Engaging and disengaging for autonomous driving’, which describes how a driver can switch to a self-driven mode just at the push of a button. The patented system talks about how the travelers can switch ‘On’ and ‘Off’ the self-driving features of a car. The technology works similar to ‘Cruise Control’ where the system beforehand ensures whether it is safe to switch to self-driving mode or not. Going through the patent, it discloses how after the human request, the system checks the surroundings and the car’s current status to ensure it’s in a position to take over the driving.


The system can track the car’s location data to assess whether it’s safe to switch to auto pilot mode. It may also ask the driver to change a few settings like turning on auto mode of wipers, slowing down the car to an acceptable speed etc. However, it also states that the driver can regain the controls by simply pressing on the accelerator. Let us hope that Google brings this exciting patent to life in one of their cars.


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  2. I am amazed with the speed at which technology is changing. It is moving to another level with each passing day.

  3. This will be so helpful in the daily life. I have to travel approx 45 minutes early morning to reach office. Palo Alto traffic can be such a pain. This is what I need.

    1. I literally jumped out of my seat and celebrated after reading this news. I am waiting for a completely autonomous car.

  4. Google is taking everything to the next level. It has come a long way from communication then to commutation now. Impressive.

    1. I have referred this blog to several of my friends for IP knowledge. You keep it up now, understand? Really good content. 🙂

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