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Boeing will now make you fly in the clouds!

With the airfares on an all-time low and increasing competition with low cost airlines, the market leaders are thinking new ways to engage their customers and to reimagine the flying experience. Recently, Boeing filed a patent application which explains how it can project images on the airplane ceiling of stars, clouds, moonlight to create an experience of flying in the clouds.

Boeing’s recent publication U.S. 20160264243 titled ‘Unique System and Method of Creating Scenes Within a Moving Vehicle Such as an Aircraft’, which describes  how it will project images, such as sky with sunny-weather, clouds or stars, onto the plane’s surfaces interior surfaces, like ceilings and walls. The images will change into a starry night once the sun sets.

According to the patent, such images can also lead to a better night’s sleep, as projections can be used to simulate the time of day in real-time so that one does not end up feeling exhausted and dizzy. The projector will be inaccessible to passengers by concealing it in the curtain header, with only the lens of the projector being visible. The cabin crew will be responsible for changing the images and creating a real time visual experience. We sincerely hope that the patent comes to light soon enough so that we may actually get to experience a long travel in the way it has been described in the patent and see for ourselves how soothing the experience can be.


  1. What an awesome experience it would be to feel the moonlight, the stars, the sun behind the cloud while travelling! I am extremely excited to experience this as soon as possible. Great thought by Boeing, I am loving it!

  2. I have a job which requires me to travel for long distances frequently. I get tired and am unable to get proper sleep on flights. However, this can be a game changer. I am eagerly waiting for this invention to materialize. I am sure this will attract more customers travelling for long distances.

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