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Facebook can now Identify Family Members automatically

Facebook’s ambition has always been to unify people across globe and form a social connection that even Orkut from Google could not replicate. With Billions logged on to Facebook network worldwide, many believe that what we can expect next from Facebook.

In a recent bid to remind all of us what we can expect, Facebook filed a patent application which explains how it will automatically identify family members using certain criteria. Facebook’s recent publication U.S. 20160277526 titled ‘Systems And Methods For Determining Household Membership’, which describes  how using certain criteria such as a friend attribute, a spouse attribute, a parent attribute, a shared device attribute, a zip code attribute, a city attribute, an IP address attribute, a last name attribute, and an age attribute it will deduct the likely family members.

Although, this deduction is likely to bring the transparency in the wake of increasing fake profiles, many will still feel that their privacy is strictly in question. The amount of things Facebook know about a person these days is likely to create a sense of paranoia among the users. However, this level of smartness is surely going to highly anticipated by the majority of the user base.

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  1. This is a good step taken by Facebook. I think this will be really helpful for keeping a watch on the fake profiles which in a way will also help in reducing cyber crimes.

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