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Disney can help you ride with Spider-man

Even after dominating our hearts for decades, Disney has never faltered in finding out ways of providing better and newer experiences to us. If you have ever wished to hang on to Spiderman while he is zipping across the New York skyline or Tarzan while he is swinging from one tree to the other, Disney may soon fulfill your wish.

Yes, a new patent application by Disney discloses a ride which can give you an experience similar to swinging with Spiderman from one building to another. This swinging forward sensation promises to give you fun and thrill like never before. The patent discloses a four-passenger ride with an arm that would allow a pause before a big downward swing, further it speeds up at the bottom while stimulating a natural motion.

The patent further discloses a ride system which includes an environmental theme like jungle, city or other show set that could provide a real-life experience.  This ride system defines a ride or track path through the ride space between pieces/portions of the environmental set which are created virtually or by some special effects. The track based bogie follows translational movement along a directional of travel (DOT) as shown in figure below.

Disney has not limited itself to any particular character theme ride but most of the speculations revolve around Spiderman theme park. Looking at Disney’s past decisions, we can certainly say that it will surely use this technology in other ways too and will not limit it to a particular theme ride.

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