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Goal Settings and Professional Career Path made easy by LinkedIn

The world’s most powerful professional social network, LinkedIn has always emphasized the importance of user’s career path and has been constantly adding features into their professional tool be it connecting with important people at higher posts, job hunting or even innovative news through their tool Pulse. For them, everything revolves around professional career of their user base.

Now a latest patent application filed by LinkedIn indicates that they are working towards goal settings for professionals and how to achieve them over a course of time. Goal setting is a critical aspect of an individual to achieve success. Often the conundrum is between setting ones goals and then eventually pursuing them. This is where LinkedIn is planning to come into picture wherein it will help the individual in achieving those goals by determining appropriate actions. Now LinkedIn’s patent application 2016/0321592 titled ‘Promoting Achievement Of A Goal In A Professional Community’, which describes how it evaluates achievements based on usage of an individual and showcase the achievements on the network. The users can further explicitly mention the goals and achievements to be showcased on the network. Subsequently, the milestones are set and appropriate awards are given to the individual as and when they start achieving their goals.

According to embodiment descriptions, the goals can be categorized as basic, intermediate and advanced and can vary from finding jobs or adding connections to accessing certain content. Based on the user profile, the milestones can vary from being trivial to being more complex.


  1. I like the idea of categorizing the goals, complexities and milestones. This makes it very easy for the individuals to achieve their goals in a step-by-step manner.

  2. The idea of awarding individuals for achieving milestones is really motivating. I think this new invention by LinkedIn will attract more users and people will be motivated to create their LinkedIn profiles.

  3. It is a smart move by LinkedIn and this will help professionals in many ways. Also people will take initiative and enhance their professional profiles which will eventually help them in a better future.

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