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Apple might be moving towards introducing foldable brilliance in iPhones

With Jony Ive at the helm of Apple’s design department, we have been introduced to some brilliant devices over the past few years. A new patent from apple granted this week talks about another brilliant concept of foldable iPhones.

The Apple’s latest patent U.S. Patent No. 9,504,170 titled ‘Flexible Display Devices’, which describes how a full screen device can be folded in two parts when not in use for easy storage. Special metals like titanium alloys or nickel are proposed for their elasticity and shape forming properties. Combining these metals with a flexible OLED will help the device to be conceptualized in the manner proposed in the patent.

Likewise, there is also proposed embodiments with two-hinged design. This design can have an additional clip to attach to a user’s apparel. Considering that this is going to be a future iPhone design makes us believe that we can expect nothing less than perfection in terms of design and engineering. However, it seems highly unlikely that the next few generations will boast such a design. A greater probability is future iPad or a Macbook with such a hinged design philosophy and we sure are excited to see a product come to life using the proposed design of this patent.


  1. I so wanna have this iPhone with me soon. It will easily come into my small purse and I can flaunt its beautiful design in front of all my friends.

  2. Apple’s products are getting smarter day by day, but this idea makes its customers look smart as well. The idea of foldable iPhones for easy storage will go a long way.

  3. I am a long time iPhone user and in love with this idea of foldable iPhones. Eagerly waiting for this to come into the market soon so that I can grab one for myself 🙂

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