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Google aims to mitigate pedestrian accidents by patenting an adhesive layer on self-driving cars

Google’s self-driven cars is a big deal and company is keen on working on several features that can result in mitigating the problems that come with driverless cars. The biggest concerning issue is pedestrians and their safety. The inventors Alex Khaykin and Daniel Lynn Larner have come up with a solution to avoid multiple impacts after a collision with a vehicle. The U.S. Patent No. 9,340,178 titled ‘Adhesive vehicle front end for mitigation of secondary pedestrian impact’, describes how pedestrians will simply stick to the car “in the event of a collision.” Interestingly, the idea is not about avoiding a collision with the pedestrian, rather it aims to keep the victim from sustaining potentially worse, or fatal injuries. This ingenious idea simply works to stick the pedestrian onto the car to avoid further injuries. The patent also states that the adhesive can potentially be used on other kinds of cars.


It remains unclear that whether Google will go ahead and implement this in their cars for sure but it is worth mentioning that they are actually working towards the safety of the people and trying to curb road fatalities.


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  1. Google knows that for people to accept its Self-driving cars, it is very important that they feel safe. This is just another step towards that agenda. Nicely explained.

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