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Robot-Painted Art Car – A World’s First

Robotic technology is a field of science and engineering that deals with the design and construction of machines to perform various tasks. One of the primary applications of robotics is in the development of machines that can substitute humans in various industries. Robotic technology has been implemented in dangerous environments such as bomb detection and deactivation, among other situations.

ABB Robotics’s PixelPaint technology helped recreate the intricate design.

In the automotive industry, robotic technology has revolutionized the painting process, allowing for sustainable personalization of exterior paint in a single application. This method ensures 100% paint coverage with no airborne misting, reducing costs and time involved in laborious multistep masking and unmasking.

The artists have used ABB’s PixelPaint technology that helped recreate swirling, monochromatic designs as well as tri-colour geometrical patterns.

CMA Robotics has developed robotic and electrostatic applications of water-based paints for semi-trailers, while Xian Jiaotong University recently filed a patent for a movable paint spraying robot for spraying at a side position. This invention allows for the automation and intellectualization of paint spraying effects using laser radar for tracking planning and obstacle avoidance. Sophia, the most advanced humanoid robot to date, resembles the human body in shape.

Xian Jiaotong University, recently filed a patent CN214234657U titled “Movable paint spraying robot for spraying at side position”. This patent describes a portable painting robot of side position spraying. Painting robot includes an automobile body, lift, arm and spray gun which are installed in the traveling car.

In one of the embodiment, the advancing direction of the mobile paint spraying robot determines the relative position of the mobile paint spray robot and object. The laser radar is used for tracking planning and obstacle avoidance.

According to figure 4, the spraying robot 95 travelled all the way around the sprayed object and sprays the object such as the cylinder 11 by using the combined movement of the elevator 110 and the mechanical arm 45 while adjusting the spraying height, and then stops traveling.

Wuhan Onew Technology Co ltd. published a patent CN111841970B titled “Robot based on laser ranging and optimization method of paint spraying path”. It describes robotic based on laser ranging and paint spraying method which further realize automation and intellectualization of paint spraying effect.

Figure 1 of the patent gives a view of a laser ranging based robot which incorporates an automatic spray gun assembly. It comprises of a clamp, an automatic gun spray assembly 1 and a laser ranging device 2 wherein the clamp is provided with a mounting seat 4 in a staggered manner. The fixture in the assembly comprises a camera, which is used as a machine vision to position and calibrate the automatic spray gun and the laser distance measuring equipment 2, so that a spraying point 12 of a spray gun in the automatic spray gun component 1. The technology used in the patent carry out the operation of spraying paint in order to overcome the or reduce the system error and improve the quality of spraying paint which replaces the manual work to realize the automation of the technology of spraying paint.

Robotics has the potential to transform various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and entertainment. Overall, robotic technology is advancing rapidly, and its applications are increasingly varied and exciting.

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