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Silicon Patch for Animal Health Management

Animal health management is a crucial aspect of keeping animals healthy and free from diseases. It not only ensures animal welfare but also contributes to a vibrant and growing community. Veterinary science plays a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis, control, treatment, and management of diseases and injuries in animals. A clean and hygienic environment is essential for animal health, and early disease detection, animal monitoring, and risk assessment are critical components of animal health management.

Animal diseases not only affect animal health but can also have a significant impact on human health. Animal health pandemics such as influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, and corona can cause major economic losses to local, domestic, or international markets. This issue of animal health deserves increased attention worldwide, as it can become a technical, economic, political, or diplomatic issue among countries.

Several factors can affect animal health, including air quality, water quality, food quality, and environmental factors. Contaminants in the air and industrial pollutants in water sources can negatively impact animal health. Additionally, temperature and natural resources in the environment can also affect animal health.

To monitor animal health, various biosensor devices are emerging in the market, gaining recognition in the global market. These technologies help in producing accurate health status and disease diagnosis. Wearable technologies, nano-biosensors, and advanced molecular biology diagnostic techniques are some of the latest tools for detecting various infectious diseases in animals.

One such innovative technology is a silicon patch that is used to monitor animal health. The patch is attached to the skin of the animal, and it collects data on various health parameters such as temperature, heart rate, and activity level. This data can be used to detect early signs of illness or injury, allowing for prompt treatment and prevention of more severe conditions. The silicon patch is a non-invasive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for animal health management, benefiting both animals and their owners.

Imhj Inc published a patent KR20200051965A, titled “Biometric information measurement and monitoring system using silicon patch on companion animal foot”. It describes health monitoring system using a silicone patch on animal foot. Invention in the patent uses a silicone biosensor to the pet’s foot which monitors the abnormal signs through the movement of the pet or through the change in the center of the gravity generated through the foot.

This patch consists of:

  • An Adhesive layer,
  • A Temperature response sensor,
  • A Buffer zone, and
  • A Weight response sensor.

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