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Self-Driving Car Battle heats up as Ford enters the arena

We have already covered patents on self-driven auto-pilot mode in the past weeks with couple of patents from Google. Self-driving car’s battle is heating up and now as per the latest patent, it seems that Ford is entering with a bang. The U.S. Patent No. 9,340,126 titled ‘Autonomous vehicle with re-configurable seats’, describes how passengers in the front seats can realign their seats in a way to interact with passengers at the back. Cool Right! The patent states that if the car is in auto pilot mode or if it is not moving, then the option to reconfigure the seats is available and the user can realign it as per their liking.


What indeed is even smarter is the fact that the patent also takes care of the safety and discloses a provision of airbags between the front and the rear seats. We hope to see this implemented soon. After all, it sound so cool to keep on chatting with your co passengers while the car takes you from your origin to the destination.


  1. I was so confused about what to buy, but this helped me make up my mind. Self Driving Ford it is. Thanks.

  2. Terrifying thought. I cannot even take my eyes away for a second while driving. The traffic is insane. I hope this solves the problem.

  3. The idea of not having to drive and yet reaching your destination is so intriguing. Lets see when it actually comes true.

  4. Manufacturer after Manufacturer is joining the race of autonomous car control. Nobody is thinking about the risks.

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