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Transparent Displays – From Science-Fiction to Reality

Electronic gadgets with transparent displays are straight out of Science fiction movies. It has stayed this way, even though the concept of transparent phones has been around for a very long time. Transparent screens have benefits as well as limitations; benefits include a very eye-pleasing and futuristic smartphone, while limitations include a bad content viewing experience. However, with continued research and hard work put in by Display-tech giants like Samsung and LG, fiction may soon become a reality.

A recently published patent application (US20200273926A1) filed by Samsung discloses an OLED transparent screen with a base substrate on which several pixels and circuits layers are placed. In addition, pixels have an emission area and a transmission area transparent to external lights that allow media or content to be displayed through light. In this way, users can view the screen’s content and, at the same time, see what is behind it. This technology can be implemented in foldable and expandable smartphones as well.

Even though now Samsung has a blueprint for developing transparent phones, one can only guess how much time it will take to be production-ready. This is still far away in the future that we will see a transparent mobile phone as this technology might take some time to be manufactured for public use.

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