When defendants are hit with a patent litigation and they have been served with infringement contentions and asserted claim set, they have to respond to the opposing party by serving them with Invalidity contentions within 30 to 60 days (depending upon the court). The biggest roadblock which a defendant faces is in identifying anticipating prior arts against the asserted patent claim set. Citius Minds’ group of technical experts are seasoned campaigners when it comes to identifying such prior arts that can serve as the best defense for your invalidity contentions.


We focus on identifying relevant cites from the prior art which anticipates the asserted patent or renders it obvious. Our strength lies in the fact that our work product clearly states the evidence whether the evidence is anticipatory or obvious and if obvious, an explanation of why the prior art renders the asserted claim obvious, including an identification of any combinations of prior art showing obviousness. Our claim chart tabulates each alleged item of prior art against each limitation of each asserted claim. We then draft the invalidation contention theories by working closely with the defendant counsels.

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