Our team of experts help the corporates and their in-house counsels in devising new R&D strategies by aligning their patent strategy with the long-term growth plans. We conduct an extensive analysis by manually mining the key patents and coming up with insights which helps the client in making informed decisions.

We also conduct competitor’s benchmarking analysis to help client understand how their competitors are moving forward with their patent strategies. Our reports are highly exhaustive covering key aspects of the technology of interest, the technology’s worldwide evolution and development and major market players of the technology.

Being the pioneers in the energy sector for a very long time, we wanted to understand what options we had for entering the bio-fuel market. Citius Minds presented to us, the best report, both technically and aesthetically, I had ever seen. We instantly knew where we should focus to enter and capture the bio-fuel market in the coming years.

Chief Executive Officer – A medium sized manufacturing company


A medium sized manufacturing company in the energy sector wanted to investigate the various options for entry into the bio-fuels market. They were looking for an overall landscape to understand what options they had and which areas to target. We decided to provide the client a report which would give them a complete understanding of the market and technology landscape, including major competitors, their relative positions in the market, their major products, latest technology trends, recent filing trends and possible entry points.


Citius Minds’ analysis team extensively researched the technological developments in the space of biofuels, the different manufacturing processes, and crops used to produce efficient biofuels. The aim of this analysis was to find out potential entry points into the Biofuel market for our client considering its functional areas. The analysis was conducted in four phases. In the first phase, the team researched thoroughly about the technology field to gain an in-depth understanding of the domain. This was achieved by studying various web postings, journals, publications, online thesis, research articles, news articles, physical books, etc. In the second phase, the team carried out an exhaustive keyword based patent search to capture patents relevant to the technology domain. IPC, CPC and US classifications were also used to keep the search exhaustive yet targeted. The third phase involved screening the captured patents on the basis of their relevancy, and a subset of this patent set was considered for further analysis. In the final phase, the patent subset was analyzed in details and classified into various categories – raw materials, country wise sources of raw material, leading organizations, final product, more widely used among bioethanol and biodiesel, main application areas, various entry points, whitespaces, improvement areas, etc. so as to answer all the questions the client could have regarding the technology. A detailed report with graphical analysis, insights and questions with answers was prepared and shared with the client.


Our report enabled the client to understand in detail the review of crops used in the production of biofuels and countries in which these could be grown. They were also able to identify its competitors and their patents which could have posed a threat to their future products. Further, the client utilized our whitespace analysis to focus their R&D efforts on technologies, processes and raw materials which were underutilized yet promised better efficiency and returns. They were able to use our competitive market intelligence in the report to identify new potential entry points in the Biofuel market.

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