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Amazon patents a drone capable of in-flight adjustments to achieve efficacy

It’s no news that Amazon is heavily vested in drone deliveries. Several trials already happened in Britain and US only confirms this focus. Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which allows drones to be efficient.

A U.S. Patent No. 9,676,477 titled ‘Adjustable unmanned aerial vehicles’, describes how to play around with the rotor arms to acquire a position of efficiency which burns less fuel and is able to deliver the load securely and economically.

The drone is equipped to get into a transition, expansion and contracted configuration. The drones if to be stayed economical has to be the best in maneuverability, power, and efficiency depending on their position and/or their profile. One such example can be landing or taking off in an area with many objects (e.g., a dense area such as a neighborhood, street, etc.). To achieve this, it has to be compact and agile so that it can avoid colliding with other objects (stationary and/or moving). On the contrary, if a drone is flying at a high altitude, it essentially means flying in an area where there are no or few objects. In such scenarios, efficiency and power conservation is the priority. This adjustable arm arrangement using maneuverability motors is able to achieve that with utmost ease. Amazon want to stay ambitious in their delivery methods and by inventing such capabilities in a drone, it surely is moving in the right direction.

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