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Drones with no size restrictions to lift a load – Amazon’s Vision

One of the world’s most innovative companies Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which is outright brilliant. There is a heavy research going on regarding drones to increase their efficiency and overcome restrictions such as fly time and weight. With Amazon heavily investing in drone delivery, it is only logical that they come up with inventions that help them achieve efficiency and lift the restrictions such as size of the packages to be delivered.

A U.S. Patent Application No. 2016/0378108 titled ‘Collective Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Configurations’, describes how to effectively deliver loads of any size and weight by coupling the drones to form a large collective drone.

A single drone is designed to lift a load of the sizes roughly ten pounds. Now, if we couple several drones together, the lifting capacities increases in the multiples of 10 which is game changer to say the least. This also avoids the use of one large or heavier drone which is more expensive to operate. What is even more convenient is the fact that drones be coupled with multiple packages and fly to a delivery area and then once they reach the area, they can decouple and fly to individual delivery locations. This ensures that the power, energy and computing resources be shared amongst the coupled drones leading to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

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  1. Amazon has understood the Mantra of success. It keeps innovating and changing as per their customer’s needs. The idea of using drones for delivery was only the first step, which came with several restrictions and thus could have died. But, with Amazon innovating day and night, the idea is gaining speed and I believe will work out well.

  2. That’s why they are called Amazon. The online shopping business has taken off in the last few years and now is the time for the pioneers to come up with such innovative ideas and take the game a notch higher.

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