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Patent Facts you probably didn’t know

The following list provides an overview of some notable intellectual property events that have occurred in the past and have specific importance in this domain. January January 2, 1879 Auguste Bartholdi filed a design patent on Statue of Liberty (Design for a statue (USD11023S) January 2, 1906 Willis Carrier receives a US patent for the

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Apple wouldn’t allow you to text while driving

Texting while driving has been the primary reason of road fatalities off late. Several companies are working out methods to curb the usage of mobile phones while driving. Now, a new patent application filed by apple in 2016 and published this week has come to light which caters to taking care of such concerns. Patent

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Google is taking on Uber with their efficient pickup and drop-off points in autonomous vehicles

Google is betting big on self-driving vehicles. With several prototypes already in the market and with several test runs already done, the focus has been in making them more reliable and efficient. Now with the help of Google maps, it is looking for identifying pick-up and drop-off points for the passengers for autonomous vehicles. Google’s

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Drones with no size restrictions to lift a load – Amazon’s Vision

One of the world’s most innovative companies Amazon has come up with another intelligent technology which is outright brilliant. There is a heavy research going on regarding drones to increase their efficiency and overcome restrictions such as fly time and weight. With Amazon heavily investing in drone delivery, it is only logical that they come

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America Invents Act (AIA): All you need to know

The AIA is a United States federal statute that closely resembles previously proposed legislation in the Senate, i.e. Patent Reform Act of 2009. Named after its lead sponsors, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the Act is a United States federal statute that closely resembles previously proposed legislation in the Senate, i.e.

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Alice in Patentland: Device Enhancement v. Amazon

Plaintiff Device Enhancement, LLC Defendant, Inc. Case 15-762-SLR Court District of Delaware Judge Sue L. Robinson (United States District Judge) Motion Motion to Dismiss Decision GRANTED Decision Date May 17, 2016 Background – Amazon challenged Device Enhancement LLC’s U.S. Patent No. 7,747,683 stating that its claims simply recite a well-known idea of segmenting and formatting

Weird Inventions

Absurd OR Ingenious: A Look at the Crazy Inventions

When we look around and observe so many amazing things that surround us, we forget the fact that these are an end result of human mind’s desire to constantly innovate and produce amazing things that hold great value and utility in our lives. However, the line between being ingenious and being crazy is a very