Citius Minds is a leading technology consulting firm supporting clients in advanced patent analytics and end to end patent litigation services. Together, Citius Minds’ founding consulting experts have more than two decades of experience supporting the world’s leading companies and law firms in their IP management needs.

Over the years we have developed a reputation of being a quality service provider for various clients. We use the breadth of our practices and the depth of our experience to help clients solve problems and realize business goals. Our expertise in several domains including software, web technologies, e-commerce, telecommunication, automobiles, networking and semiconductors etc. has helped our clients to make informed IP decisions based on the information we have provided.

Our approach has always been to commit our combined skills and experience to solve the client problems, by focusing always on adding value with efficiency and enthusiasm. We have a flexible approach to provide solutions to the clients based on their objectives and we do not believe in providing ready-made solutions but customized solutions.