Biological sequence searches are generally used for:

  • Patentability evaluations
  • Freedom to Operate evaluations
  • Getting a summary of the state of the chosen amino acid or nucleotide sequence.

The prime focus of a Patent search related to Biological sequences is either nucleic acid sequences (DNA or RNA) or amino acid sequences (Proteins/Peptides). There is an ever-increasing pool of patent as well as non-patent literature related to biological sequences. It is of paramount significance that each resource is checked rigorously by trained professionals.

An in-depth sequence search can only be conducted by well-trained researchers. The search requires a unique mix of the elemental knowledge of bioinformatics tools like sequence alignment and the skills to perform smart searching on various sequence databases. The team at Citius Minds is well-versed with both nucleotide and protein sequences. We conduct an exhaustive search using a plethora of tools and databases like NCBI-BLAST, UNIPROT, Expasy, EMBL, RSCB-PDB, and Patent Lens. Searches are also conducted on paid databases like PCTgene, Dgene, STN, and GenomeQuest.

Apart from this, all our searches include an in-depth, thorough keyword-based search on several paid and non-paid patent search databases. Alongside keyword-based search, extensive classification-based, assignee/inventor based, and citation-based searches are also conducted to ensure that nothing is missed.